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Our Specialty - Walk 15® Group Fitness Classes

Let's WALK! You will use over 70 muscles (more if you smile!) in this low-impact, muscle-toning group fitness class set to music paced to measure mileage. Walking is medicine... in fact, it's the most potent thing you can do for your health. We add a variety of upper and lower body moves to deliver a powerful cardio and strength training program in one, all done indoors.

"I've had a lot of fun and lost a lot of weight doing this program!"  - Lynn S., Calgary

"I never anticipated a walk program could help me with my neck and shoulder issues but it has been extremely helpful!  I love this class!"
- Sue H., Calgary

Flexibility, Strength, Balance
Balance & Coordination

Miles of Smiles!

Improve Flexibility

Walk for Health... Walk for Life!

Strength Training

From the creators of Walk at Home, Walk 15® is an evidence-based fitness program - science has proven a myriad of benefits obtained through walking, from gains in strength and flexibility to reduced risk of many diseases. 

The Master Walk 15® Instructor certification is founded on guidelines laid out by the American College of Sports Medicine. This is an education-based certification that includes kinesiology and physiology. The training is comprehensive and includes both written and movement exams. Our instructors are backed by almost 30 years of industry experience. 

The program itself is so simple - it's all based on one of the body's basic designs - walking! We take a classic walk indoors, do it in place to music, and add move combinations that target every major muscle group in the body. This truly is total body walking! The cuing techniques used make it very easy to follow and the low-impact nature of a class makes it suitable for all fitness levels and stages of life. If anything gets confusing, just go back to a walk! 

The fun, the energy, the camaraderie... our classes are just as much about community as they are physical fitness. You will develop relationships and receive encouragement and motivation along the way.  

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"With this exercise class, my range of motion has become greater - my chiropractor is extremely pleased with the range of motion I've been able to do."
- Margaret M., Calgary