Services Offered

Mobile Unit
Let Us Come to You!

If you've got adequate space, such as a meeting room, community or recreation room, large foyer, etc., most of our class formats can be brought to your site! It's easy to get a class started - contact us for details.   

Group Fitness Classes

This is a fun, dynamic way to integrate physical activity into a healthy lifestyle. The group camaraderie that develops creates an atmosphere of support and motivation as we work on our goals, both individually and as a group. Cardio circuit training is available, as well as our specialty -      
Walk 15® Classes, which are suited for all ages and fitness levels. Classes are approx 45-60 minutes in duration. 

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Prime Time Fitness

Walk to Longevity by bringing one or both of our mature adult programs to your retirement community, care centre, church hall, etc. These fun classes are designed to work on balance, stability, strength, and mobility. 

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Strength Training* 

A stationary strength training class will do even more to strengthen and tone your body. When we work on muscle, we improve the body's composition, increasing lean muscle mass and raising our metabolic rate at rest. This is key for maintaining weight loss. We start with a one or two-mile Walk "Live" Class to ensure all of your muscles are fully warm and ready for resistance training using either hand weights or firming bands. The session ends with 5-10 minutes of flexibility training - entire session is approx. 45 minutes.

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*Note: this format is currently only offered at Evergreen Village unless you have a supply of hand weights on site. 

Flexibility Training 

This class focuses on improvements in range of motion and flexibility. After a one-mile Walk "Live" Class to fully warm the muscles and release synovial fluid into the joints, we spend 15-20 minutes taking the body through a full range of static stretches, targeting every major muscle group. Total class time approx. 45 minutes.

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Health Coaching  
If you're not comfortable yet with the idea of exercising in front of others, don't know where to start, your schedule or busy lifestyle doesn't allow you to commit to a set class time, or you struggle with staying motivated daily to stick with a program, our One-on-One Health Coaching program is just what you need. 

In this program, after an initial assessment, I will provide you with weekly activity schedules based on your personal goals and commitment level. I will be available to you throughout the week for questions and to encourage and motivate you. We meet once a week to review progress, set new goals, and do a private workout together. These sessions are set at a time that fits your schedule and are in the comforts of your own home.

Don't live in the Calgary area? No problem - Distance Coaching is also available!

Corporate Wellness  
Your bottom line is an important aspect to running your business. I can help you achieve better employee productivity and reduce absenteeism due to illness. Health care costs can take a huge bite out of profits, and the implementation of employee wellness programs has become a necessity for any financially prudent business. I suggest starting with education through practical tips on health, fitness and nutrition that your employees can adopt right now. Follow this up with opportunities to be active during the work day, such as lunch hour Walk "Live," Strength and/or Flexibility classes. 

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