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Prime Time Fitness

What's YOUR Prime Time?              (Always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program)

Regardless of your current age, staying active as you grow older is one of the keys to longevity. The right kind of supervised exercise can help prevent or ease pain in your back, hips, knees and shoulders, for example - in fact, exercise improves your pain threshold. Depending on the nature and cause, moving more may help, not hinder. 

For women, exercise is even more important around those menopausal years and beyond when bone density can become an issue, among other factors. Our low-impact programs are perfect for bone & joint health, and we'll keep you flexible as well!

We offer two class format options and will bring these fun classes to your housing facility, care centre, church hall, etc. - all you need to provide is the space!

WALK to Longevity is our Walk 15® program geared for mature adults. You'll use every major muscle group in this total body walk! 

Minimum 5 people
Cost: $50 per class flat rate
Class length: 1 hour
  • 3 miles paced for your group's fitness level
  • Resistance training (firming bands provided)
  • Flexibility segment
This video clip shows a few of the fun move combinations we do in a Walk to Longevity class.

Strength, Core & More 
This class focuses on balance, stability and mobility. We start out with gentle balance exercises that warm up the muscles and joints, followed by a 15-20 minute low-impact cardio segment leading into resistance training* with the firming bands (provided) and a core segment on the mat (participants or the facility to provide mats - a Pilates mat is recommended for this class). We finish off with flexibility. 

*Depending on equipment available at your site, we may add hand weights for strength training.

Minimum 5 people
Cost: $50 per class flat rate
Class length:  1 hour

Contact Info:
Nancy Ehle, Founder and CEO, Witness 4 Fitness
Phone:  403-354-4905
No soliciting/marketing calls or e-mails please.

Program Directors:
Class Design: These classes are designed for the mature adult who is mobile and may or may not have minor pain or mobility issues. Suitable for individuals with hip replacements with doctor's clearance. May not be suitable for knee replacements or individuals with arthritis or osteoporosis in advanced stages. We ask that the facility provide chairs for the participants for balance if needed. Certain aspects of these classes can be modified to be done from a chair - chair workouts are available - call for info. The more fit participant can easily bump up the intensity.  

Music Licensing: All music used is sourced from companies such as Muscle Music Mixes, Power Music, SpiritFit Music and Yes! Fitness Music under what's called a 'mechanical license' allowing them to re-engineer songs for fitness classes. Your facility must have a Public Performance License in place via SOCAN in order to allow fitness music to be used on the premises. For more information, visit: