Distance Coaching

If you live outside the Calgary area, our Distance Coaching program is for you! We will meet once a week either via phone or Skype/Google Hangouts to review results, set goals, and discuss any barriers to adherence, and of course, you have access to me throughout the week for questions, comments, and encouragement. This program will utilize exercise DVDs as the core activities for your exercise schedule.  Contact Nancy for a free consultation.

Initial Assessment  (approx. 1 hour) - $80 

Basic assessments are completed to provide baseline measures and we determine whether or not you require medical clearance to begin an exercise program. We will set goals, discuss your interests, review a physical activity journal, and look at on-line tools for tracking caloric intake.  Contact Nancy to book your assessment.

Note: All credit card purchases are on-line via PayPal. We do not participate in scenarios wherein clients request additional amounts over and above our fees be charged to credit cards and the difference refunded by cheque. All such requests will be reported immediately to Canada's Anti-Fraud Centre. 

8-Week Distance Kick Start - $390 
  • Physical activity journal (Excel) with an exercise schedule prepared weekly by your Coach based on your interests, fitness level, goals, and level of commitment                                                      - Note: If you do not have MS Excel or are unfamiliar with it, your coach can manually enter your journal data for you weekly - there is an additional $50/month manual entry fee that will be added to your program rate.
  • Access to your Coach throughout the week for questions, encouragement, and motivational support
  • Stretching and exercise guidelines published by Witness 4 Fitness that will be used throughout the program
  • Two exercise DVDs (valued at $15 ea) that you will use at home during the week as part of your activity schedule (shipping & handling costs are included in program fee)
  • A bonus DVD including strength and/or resistance exercises, produced by Witness 4 Fitness (© 2015 all rights reserved)
  • A weekly 45-minute coaching call via phone or Skype/Google Hangouts at a time that works for you, wherein we review your progress, discuss barriers to adherence, set goals for the coming week, and tweak the program as needed.
Additional items you may need to purchase:*  
  • Hand weights (Winners, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Sport Chek, Second-Hand Stores)
    • Plan for progression - start with 3-5 lbs and plan to move up gradually to 8-10 lbs or more
  • Pilates Mat - I recommend this over a Yoga mat for this program
  • Firming/Resistance Bands (Winners, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Sport Chek)
*The exercise program will include strength and resistance training as well as core conditioning exercises done on the floor.

Monthly Maintenance - $175
At the completion of the 8-Week Kick-Start, we complete a second assessment for comparison to your baseline data. At this time, you may opt to remain in the program on a month-to-month basis, receiving the same services as above. You have until the 25th of each month to opt in or out of the upcoming month. You must opt out prior to the 25th of the month to avoid another monthly fee being assessed. Note that the Monthly Maintenance Fee does not include the manual data entry fee. If your coach is entering data on your behalf, there is an extra charge of $50/month.


For more information, contact Nancy at 403-354-4905 
e-mail walkstrongcalgary@gmail.com. 
No soliciting/marketing calls or e-mails, please.