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It can be difficult to commit to a specific class schedule for a wide variety of reasons, from work schedules and child activities to not knowing where to start. The "Abundant Health... Abundant Life" program is designed to suit today's hectic lifestyle. We often voice excuses not to exercise... let's change that around and start finding excuses TO exercise!

We begin with a free consultation to discuss your situation and how the program will help on your journey to wellness. At this time, you may opt to book an Initial Assessment to get started.

See below for information on our Basic Service and Initial Assessment.

If living in the Calgary Area, visit: "Abundant Health... Abundant Life" Calgary & Area

If outside the Calgary Area, visit out Distance Coaching page. 

Note: In order to provide the best possible personal service, only a limited number of clients will be accepted in the program at a given time. 
*Always check with your doctor or other health care professional before beginning any
  exercise program. *
All fees are in Canadian funds and are non-refundable
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All credit card purchases are on-line via PayPal. We do not participate in scenarios wherein clients request additional amounts over and above our fees be charged to credit cards and the difference refunded by cheque. All such requests will be reported immediately to Canada's Anti-Fraud Centre. 

Basic Service - Monthly Workout Scheduling - $40/month

I will create a schedule for a month at a time that will include a variety of activities and will recommend specific DVDs to use in your home, based on your existing collection. Particular attention will be paid to muscle balance and adequate recovery time between strength training workouts. The schedule is generic and is not specific to your individual needs - if you require more in depth planning, please book an Initial Assessment session (see below) to discuss your requirements.  

Save by purchasing up to three months at once - you will receive the full schedule up front.  All fees are non-refundable. 

Initial Assessment  (1 hour) - $80
Basic assessments are completed to provide baseline measures and we determine whether or not you require medical clearance to begin an exercise program. If opting for either the 8-Week Kick-Start or Distance Coaching programs, we will set goals, discuss your interests, review a physical activity journal, and look at on-line tools for tracking caloric intake. 

For the Basic Monthly Service that involves workout scheduling only, we will discuss your specific situation in order to determine the best types of exercises for you, incorporate any in-home fitness equipment you may have in addition to your providing a list of current DVDs in your collection.

    Please contact us to book your Assessment

For more information, contact Nancy at 403-354-4905 
No soliciting/marketing calls or e-mails, please.

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