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Flexibility Training

Did you know that we start losing flexibility as early as in our teens? In today's sedentary lifestyle, we sit in school, in offices, in vehicles, etc., often for hours at a time. Our bodies are extremely adaptive and will change based on our regular habits, good or bad. 

When you sit, for example, your hamstrings slacken. If you sit for prolonged periods every day, your body will start to shorten those muscles to take up that slack. This results in tightness, pain and a loss of flexibility. 

Let's look at your shoulders for a moment. Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer? You likely sit with your shoulders rounded forward, and as with the hamstrings, your body is going to start to adapt to this position over time. Kyphosis, which is the term for rounded shoulders, often begins in our twenties and if not corrected, will gradually increase as we age. A combination of flexibility and strength training can prevent and in some cases, correct this and other conditions. Stretching the muscles and other connective tissues also provides pain relief.

Quotable Quotes from our Walkers

"These classes have helped relieve chronic pain. They're better than Advil and have much better side effects!"
- Grace E., Calgary

These classes begin with a one-mile Walk 15® workout to fully warm all major muscle groups of the body and lubricate the joints for a full range of motion. We follow this up with a series of static stretching exercises that target specific opposing muscle groups for balance and flexibility. You'll experience the benefits in no time as you discover you're suddenly able to carry out your daily activities with more ease!

Want to start a class? If you provide the space, we'll do the rest! 
Cost:  Drop-in $12; 8-Class Pass - $80 per participant
Minimum of 8 weekly classes, minimum of 5 participants per class. 
Discounts available for larger groups, and/or for two or more classes per week for an 8-week series. Can be combined with Walk 15® Classes as a series for variety. Contact Nancy to discuss details.
Note: Participants will need a Yoga or Pilates Mat. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and fitness/walking shoes. Space requirements - a room that allows approx. 40 square feet per person, no chairs or tables in the room.