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Corporate Wellness

From a health perspective, the experts are now saying that sitting has become the new smoking, and in many businesses, a high percentage of employees spend the majority of their day sitting in front of a computer. The health risks include loss of flexibility, a higher risk of low back pain and kyphosis (rounded shoulders) from poor sitting posture, a higher risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, some cancers, etc. These risks increase over time and can impact productivity, increase absenteeism due to illness, and in the end have a negative impact on the company's bottom line. Let's turn that around!

One roadblock to kicking the sitting habit is workplace culture. While some employers have become quite proactive by bringing in adjustable-height work stations and encouraging activity breaks, for example, let's face it - sitting habits have become ingrained in office routine. One great way to overcome this is through our specialty - Walk 15® Classes, as well as our Strength and Flexibility Training sessions.

h & Learn

A great starting point in implementing a corporate wellness program is
 with education. Our interactive lunch and learn sessions will provide helpful tips on health, nutrition and fitness and include your choice of a one-mile Walk 15® Class or a 20 minute Strength or Flexibility session. This is a great way to get your employees thinking about moving more and about all of the benefits of being active.
Cost:  $200 
Note: Employees should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and fitness/walking shoes. If opting for the Flexibility session, employees will require a Yoga or Pilates mat.                                                     Contact Nancy to book a date.

Free Demos

We offer free Walk 15®, Strength Training and Flexibility Training demos that consist of a brief introduction followed by a demonstrative workout and a Q&A session. Total time approx. 45 minutes depending on questions. We can use any meeting space available as long as we can move tables/chairs out of the room - space requirements are approx. 40 square feet or less per person. We've even done demos in office foyers! Contact Nancy to book. After the demo, we can discuss the potential for launching your first class series - see options below.

Walk 15® - our Specialty!

Schedule Walk 15® Classes over lunch hour right on site as an opportunity for your employees to add 45 minutes+ of continuous movement to their day. These classes are very popular due to their low-impact nature and many enjoy getting their workout in during the workday. This will energize your employees not only physically, but mentally for a more productive afternoon. These classes are great fun, and employees begin to gel and get to know each other better, building office morale. Warning... we use upbeat music that may entice your whole office to get up and walk to the beat! 

Strength and Flexibility Training

Either of these classes are great options to add into your corporate wellness mix. Both sessions begin with a one-mile Walk 15® Class to fully warm all major muscle groups and get fluid to the joints for full range of motion. We then spend approx. 20 minutes doing stationary strength training with firming bands (hand weights are another option, however, participants must provide their own weights) or doing static stretching exercises. Firming bands and workout gloves are available at additional cost. 

Cost:  $10 per person per class, minimum of 8 weekly classes, minimum of 5 participants. Discounts available for larger groups and/or for two or more classes per week for an 8-week series. Call to discuss details.
Note: Participants should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and fitness/walking shoes. Each participant will require a Yoga or Pilates mat.  
Space requirements - a room that allows approx. 40 square feet per person, no chairs or tables in the room. 

**Note: Nancy Ehle carries her own Liability Insurance**

For information or to book, contact Nancy: 403-354-4905 e-mail