About Your Hosts

Meet Trina Balderston

Trina is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and owns her own Financial Consulting business here in Calgary. However, her passion is in Health and Wellness. As a Health Educator, Trina has gained valuable knowledge about the Health & Wellness industry. As a survivor of a Giant Cell Tumor, Trina's life's mission is to ensure everyone is aware of the 100% correlation between nutrition and disease and illness. It has become a moral responsibility of hers to ensure everyone is educated about the power of food and the importance vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals play in the health of our cells.

Visit Trina's website:  pureandsimple.canada.juiceplus.com

Meet Nancy Ehle

Nancy is a science fiction author as well as a Group Fitness Instructor. In 2014, she traded her desk job of 20+ years for a pair of fitness shoes and started her company, Witness 4 Fitness. 

Several years ago, Nancy was at a point of near mental collapse due to stress and burnout, but found healing in a most surprising way - through physical activity. A $3 DVD purchased at Winners kicked off a journey that eventually brought her to the realization that sitting all day in front of a computer was taking a huge toll on her mental and physical state. When she discovered that Leslie Sansone is training people to lead Walk Live classes, she took the plunge and became an instructor. 

As time went on, Nancy picked up several more certifications, and in the process became acutely aware of the connection between what we put into our bodies and our ability to fight off illness, repair tissue, etc. Research into how vitamin supplements are made and in particular the fillers used therein led her to whole food nutrition, which has since become part of her own healthy lifestyle. While passionate about writing, Nancy's new passion for health and wellness is evident the moment the music starts in her classes, and her natural ability to encourage and motivate is the perfect fit for group fitness instruction.