5-10k Walk for Charity
Raise funds for your charitable organization by hosting a 5 or 10k walk... Walk "Live" style! It's exactly the same concept as a classic 5 or 10 k walk/run, except we do it indoors to music and incorporate all of the moves used in our style of walking! In fact, it will feel like a rock concert! Just think - no need to worry about the weather! 

You provide the space, we provide the instructor, who will lead your group through the class. We'll even look after the administrative details for you, and Participants can prepare for the big day by attending Walk "Live" classes in the weeks leading up to it at a discounted rate. Participants obtain sponsors and pay an entry fee - 10% of that fee covers the admin costs, and the balance is donated to the charity along with the funds collected by participants.  

"Virtual Walk" for Charity

This is a new concept in the fundraising arena - a virtual walk! Participants set personal goals to walk a specific distance in a month and do so either by walking outdoors, on a treadmill, by attending a Walk "Live" class, or right at home using Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home DVDs. They report their miles daily (honor system) along with what means they used to get the miles in, and challenge friends, family and/or co-workers to meet or beat their miles. 

Get Walk Teams together in your organization and encourage and motivate each other along the way! Set a goal to reach a specific destination in a month and put out challenges to the other groups as a fun way to meet your goals, get fit, and raise funds for a good cause.