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Walk "Live" Returns to Canadian Pacific!

posted Jun 4, 2015, 4:35 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Jun 4, 2015, 6:54 PM ]

I am very pleased to announce that Heavens Elevated Fitness is bringing me back to Canadian Pacific's headquarters in SE Calgary. Specifically, I will be leading CP employees to health and wellness through Leslie Sansone's popular Walk "Live" Classes.

We've had so many innovations over the years to make our lives easier, and while this is very good, some of these innovations have had a critical side effect - in making our lives easier, we don't move as much. It's having a huge impact on our health to such an extent that we're dealing with a health crisis around the world. We've turned energy expenditure over to technology through remote controls, elevators, escalators, vehicles, etc. It's so easy NOT to move - we've engineered movement out of life in many respects. In fact, we may be raising the first generation to end up with shorter life expectancies than those of their parents.

You've likely heard of the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the digital revolution... Now we have what experts are referring to as "The Walking Revolution." Something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day five days a week at a moderate to brisk pace can make a dramatic improvement to your health - not only physical, but emotional and mental as well. You don't have to do vigorous activities that get your heart rate up extremely high to see health improvements, which is what many tend to believe.

Fitness experts and doctors alike now agree that walking is the most potent thing you can do for your health - some doctors and psychologists are actually writing 'walking' on their prescription pads for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety and depression to name a few. There simply is no pill that offers the same number of benefits as walking. Fitness walking takes this up to a whole new level. 

Unlike a traditional walk, in a Walk "Live" class we engage every major muscle group in the body, leading to higher caloric expenditure. We use music paced to safely raise your heart rate to an aerobic level and safely reduce it at the end of the workout. We constantly surprise the body by changing angles and direction, so it's harder for your body to adapt to the activity. A normal walk uses the same muscles in the same way all the time. We also add 'walk boosters' such as hand weights and firming bands for additional toning, increasing lean body mass - a critical element for sustained weight loss. These fun, low-impact classes are designed to energize you and will trim and tone in a way a traditional walk simply can't do.

If you are a CP employee, please join fellow Walk Leader Julie Marsh and I on Wednesday, June 10 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in the fitness studio for a free demo. This is a great opportunity to see how easy, fun and effective these classes are, regardless of age, size, or fitness level. If you can walk, you can do this class! Contact Michelle in the fitness center at Ogden Building One to register:

Get ready for miles of smiles!

Nancy Ehle, Certified WALK Leader