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Simple Changes for Better Health

posted Jul 24, 2020, 12:12 PM by Walk Strong Calgary
One of the things I've often said about the Walk 15 program is that "the secret is in the simplicity." Simple moves that are easy to learn and effective in results. When we make lifestyle changes, one of the things that can happen is we try to do too much all at once, overwhelming ourselves and as a result we don't stick with the changes.
I coach my clients to make a few simple changes to start, whether that's around eating habits such as adding more leafy greens, or exercise by walking 30 minutes a day 5-7 days a week. These are attainable goals. From there, you build once you have a solid foundation - establish these small changes into your routine and then add something else to the mix.
One small change I made back in 2013 was to add a whole food product to my diet. I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for my sleep to improve since starting to work out in 2011, since exercise is known to improve sleep. I saw many other improvements (weight loss, more energy, self confidence, etc.), but it wasn't until I started taking Juice Plus that I started sleeping more deeply and getting to sleep much more quickly. In fact, the change was noticeable within one week and it took me completely by surprise. I didn't take it for sleep. Didn't even realize nutrition could impact sleep so dramatically. Of course, results will vary from person to person, and I in no way claim the the product is a cure for insomnia or anything like that. It just happens that for me, nutrition was the key to better sleep. Even my skin tone improved - I had people ask me (in December) if I had flown to someplace tropical on the weekend because it looked like I had a tan.
Loaded with a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries, I continue to take it daily and it's probably the last thing I would remove from my monthly budget, simply because I KNOW I need more F&V in my diet and I prefer a natural supplement to regular vitamins, which tend to make me nauseous. I dump the capsules into my breakfast shakes for convenience, but they also carry chewables, which are delicious. This is just one simple, healthy change that can make a huge difference in overall wellness.
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Nancy Ehle
Founder & CEO, Witness 4 Fitness