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Review: "Walk to the Beat" - MP4 Player by Walk at Home

posted May 21, 2015, 9:19 AM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated May 21, 2015, 11:00 AM ]
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Now You Can Take Leslie With You on Your Outdoor Walks!                               - by Nancy G Ehle

If you enjoy Leslie Sansone's coaching style on her DVDs, you're going to love the new Walk to the Beat MP4 player, now available through Walk at Home's on line store.  I took it out for a test walk yesterday, intending to do 4 miles max... but I just couldn't stop! Having Leslie's voice in your ear encouraging you is like walking with an old friend. I even caught myself responding to her now and then as I often do with her DVDs... "Yes, Ma'am."  
"Leslie, you crack me up!"  Oops... [sheepish glance around to see if anyone was within earshot]

The unit arrived fully charged and ready to go, and is very easy to use. The ear buds are comfortable, but in a very strong wind you do lose audio from the howling in your ears... lol... I do like the fit, though, because even at full volume I was still able to hear the bells when bikers approached from behind, which is very important. I have very sensitive ears and can't wear certain types of ear buds - these didn't bother me in the least. I did have to re-position them for better sound now and then, but I really was in a strong wind, which had an impact.   

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The song list contains a good variety of genres with a strong beat - I actually found myself throwing arm movements in as I walked along the bike path - some of the songs really got me going! I fell quite naturally into a strong power walk after the warm up and maintained it easily, throwing in the odd boost. 

Leslie's voice is crystal clear and the balance between her vocals and the music is excellent - they blend very well (and she sings in one spot - yay!). She gives many tidbits of information along the way while helping you stick to the beat, and even throws in a word of caution now and then about being aware of your surroundings if walking outdoors - a nice touch. The pace is great for all fitness levels as well - Leslie encourages you to pick it up or to slow down if you need to. There are a couple of songs that get up to a boosted walk should you so choose, and all of them have you at a great pace for walking with power until the pace begins to drop near the end for cool down. 

Later on in the mix, the advanced walker will love the three 30-second high-speed sprint intervals - those are AMAZING! I sprinted full out during all of them, and Leslie tells you how much time is left before so you can prepare mentally, and during so you can push yourself to the end. Those blew me away - I wasn't expecting them and am so glad she threw them in. Dynamite! Make sure your laces are nice and snug!

Probably the one thing I would have added was letting us know where the mile markers are. I got so caught up in the music and listening to Leslie that I lost track of where I was quite easily. Mind you, that would be assuming the user always starts at the beginning of a mile, which may not be the case. Leslie does remind you that three songs is approximately one mile. I'll just have to pay more attention next time. 

I was thrilled to discover that Leslie included three faith-based songs at the end - what a super way to wind down and release stress and tension. For me personally, walking is just as much a spiritual thing as it is physical and mental and I've always loved that Leslie gets that. There really is a strong connection between body, mind and soul/spirit. Lots of singing (almost had a funny typo there... 'sinning') at the end by me!

Overall, I am very impressed with the final product in comparison to the test model. Leslie and her team took the suggestions made by the Walk Leaders who previewed the early version to heart. They've developed a top quality product that walkers world-wide will enjoy and reap many benefits as they walk for health... for life.  Walk on!


Nancy Ehle is a Certified Walk Leader through Leslie Sansone's Walk Live program as well as a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with the American Council on Exercise. She currently holds several other industry certifications including Health Coach and Sports Nutrition. Her zest for life and passion for wellness is evident in her positive attitude and encouraging nature. Join Nancy on Facebook: